Friday, August 31, 2007

Aspen here we come!

A few years ago I got tickets to see Goldie Hawn. I know what you are thinking, "What does she do?" thats what everyone said when I told them I was going to see her. She just tells the story of her life with a lot of humor, love and affection, passion and conviction. She just loves life and I love that about her. Anyway one of the things that she talked about was that she and Kurt take one vacation every year with all of their children. One whole week of family time. This idea has stayed with me. I don't know how many of you reading this have children 18 or over that have left home. But even when they are home on break or a little vacation its just never the same as when the were living at home and its so hard to get all 4 at home at the same time. Even when you do they have different schedules and dinner together is a miracle.And you just miss them so much. So remembering how much I loved the idea we've planned a trip to Aspen in November with enough room for everyone for a whole week! I am so excited to have us all together for a family vacation I can hardly stand it. I am not usually a cold weather person, not big on snow or winter sports, but I am really looking forward to this one. I just hope it actually happens, that no one backs out at the last minute. I hope they enjoy it as much as me. Yippee!


Happy Homemaker said...

Thanks for the comment! What a great trip you guys have planned! It will be a blast!!

Kimba Rimba said...


So not to be about me... I found out you are not on my blogroll, and i kind of got mad at myself, you're in my "bookmarks"....anywho! ENJOY!!!!! :)

sle said...

Lucky you! I have been trying to plan a holiday trip for my family as well.

Lori said...

Oh, how wonderful!! That sounds like a great time!
I'm not a big ski person either, but I love the mountains, and I love sitting by the fire inside and looking out! teehee
I like how Goldie Hawn always has something wise and meaningful to say, and with great humor. What a great piece of advise you took from her!
I hope your trip is all you're hoping for and more, have fun!

melissa c said...

I can certainly relate. My 2 oldest boys are both in college now. We have been doing a family trip with ALL of us once a year also. So wonderful being all together :)
A fabulous trip your husband has planned!

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Tickled Pink & Green said...

We went to Aspen (drove! from Texas) for spring break about 3 years ago. Stayed at the Jerome (highly recommend). Great shopping! And you'll probably see some celebs. Good mexican food place right across the street from the Jerome, and family friendly. My daughter and I would hang out at The Nell and watch all the action. A bunch of old geezers with their trophy mistresses. It was a hoot. Good times, good times.