Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Been lovin' this song lately...

Artist: Emmylou Harris
Album: At The Ryman
Title: Calling My Children Home

(doyle lawson/charles waller/robert yates)

Those lives were mine to love and cherish.
To guard and guide along life's way.
Oh god forbid that one should perish.
That one alas should go astray.

Back in the years with all together,
Around the place we'd romp and play.
So lonely now and oft' times wonder,
Oh will they come back home some day.

I'm lonesome for my precious children,
They live so far away.
Oh may they hear my calling...calling..
And come back home some day.

I gave my all for my dear children,
Their problems still with love i share,
I'd brave life's storm, defy the tempest
To bring them home from anywhere.

I lived my life my love i gave them,
To guide them through this world of strife,
I hope and pray we'll live together,
In that great glad here after life.

I'm lonesome for my precious children,
They live so far away.
Oh may they hear my calling...calling.. and come back home some day.

With two of mine having left the nest and knowing it won't be long before its empty when I came across this song some time back it really struck a chord. It takes my mind back to when mine were little and we spent the days making rainy day tents and picking sunflowers. I can just imagine the sweet lady who wrote this song and the longing she felt for her children in a time that after they left home sometimes it was for good because of a lack of money or transportation, back in the days of stage coaches and wagon trails. I do see my children. Its not to that extreme for me. But its not like I can run into their rooms at night after they are in their pajamas and yell "Ice cream run!" like i used to either.


Belle-ah said...

Thanks for coming by Southern Somedays! As far as the Volvo SUV...they are good looking but my heart is lusting for that C70 Convertible...LOL. This is my 2nd Volvo (my 1st one was when they were completely square, literally!) and I am hooked...

suburban mom said...

What a sweet song. I cherish my happy little boys every single day.