Thursday, September 06, 2007

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Lori over at her lovely blog, A Journey to Our Daughter, tagged me. Here Goes...

sound- ocean waves crashing into the beach
late night snack-anything chocolate
smell-babies after a bath with johnson's baby wash
color combination-white with white for home, pink and green for clothes
nut-i'm gonna switch that one to nuts...when i lived at home we used to have this plaque that one of my mom's friends had given her with different kinds of nut shells glued on it that said welcome to the nut house so i'll say my family
time of year-summer all the way
author-right now its Beth Moore, but as far as the classics go I would have to say Longfellow
books-Gone With the Wind Margaret Mitchell right now
vegetable-French fried bertaters
male actor-Andy Garcia
female actress-Reese Witherspoon or Meg Ryan, before she went loopy
flower-hydrangeas, pinkh roses, peonies
vacation spot-Marco Island or Maui
pizza-You can't beat New York pizza
sports to play-pilates, the eliptical, yeah and i run like every day too
subject in school-english
tv channel-hgtv
radio-sirius radio
holiday-Christmas Eve
perfume-lolita lempicka, pink sugar or comptoir sud pacifique vanille banane i just learned how to spell that last one
shoes-stephen bonanno or my new pink wellies. i actually met a lady last week that didn't know what wellies are. i tried to hide my horror.
candy-godiva roasted almond truffles
city to shop- atlanta, i miss lennox and phipps and buckhead. new york city and my favorite shabby chic store is in santa monica (the store in the pic is in n.y.)
beauty products-eminence organics for skincare and although i love many different lines of make up i have to say my favorite is still bobbi brown
item to shop for-for me-clothes, i am loving milly right now(check her out at home anything shabby chic

I'm tagging Mrs. P @ Preppy Chic Blog and Paige @ Simple Thoughts...we'd love to hear your favorites.



Mrs. P said...

I will add it to my list, it might help with the "style block" ;)

Tickled Pink & Green said...

I love love love hearing about people's favorite things.

If you love Andy Garcia AND Meg Ryan, then you need to see the movie "When A Man Loves A Woman" which they both star in. But of course, I bet you already have!

sle said...

If I did a list it would be the same as yours! I love Mr. Andy. I don't think he is really fantastic looking but I have to admit there is something about him. He's hot!

Lori said...

Great list, love your taste!
I almost put Andy Garcia too!