Thursday, November 01, 2007

A black sea raged, and a cold wind howled, and I clung to your side
Too half-hearted, too vain to plant my feet on the Rock!
And all the time I wailed, and my grumblings filled up the sky
I didn't really wonder why--I was never that blind

You'll break the backs of the proud!
Bring us down to the ground!
And if we'd only opened our eyes, we'd have seen:
You've been making a feast
You've been saving the best of what You made
For the meek!

I wandered in circles, depleted, drained dry in this wilderness
I made it myself! I clogged up the wells!
And I kept cursing You, calling You bitter
But You're a fountain of life, and I was drinking from puddles of filth!

You made bread of your body
And wine of your blood
Such sweetness--a delicacy men can't conceive!
But how can one savor the taste
Of an unspeakable feast
With a tongue so foul, so unclean!

I am a broken staff!
"Lean on me," You said, "you'll see that I'm strong when you're weak."
If anyone trusts in me, I'll pierce his hand!
"I pierced them myself," You said, "and all for your sake. Come and see! I have what you seek!"
Oh, but I'm stained so deeply
All the oceans together couldn't hope
In all their might to make me clean!
"I will wash you with water from my side, little child; and whom I call clean--
He is clean indeed!"

Lord, break my back! sear my tongue! sever limbs!
Take me apart; but put me together again
In a shape more like yours
That I might stand on that rock
And eat of that feast
With a smile on your face
And the holes in your hands
And the words in your mouth
Make me free!

yet another beautiful writing from my son.


sle said...

You must have been about 12 when you delivered that BOY!!!!!

Brendon said...

You're gonna give me a big head.

Kristin said...

Seriously, I agree with sle above in comments. You are such a young chickidee to have a son that is bigger than you. His writing is just amazing and beautiful!

sle said...

PS...has your son ever considered songwriting?

Lori said...

Great job should be a song writer!