Thursday, October 18, 2007

Catching up

My chairs are here!

Ballard Design has wonderful customer service! They have been very accomodating and I highly recommend them. My next addition will be the end table from Shabby Chic. And curtains for the kitchen/family room area. I don't want the curtains to touch the kitchen floor, but the window is on the same wall as the glass doors that I want to put curtains to the floor on, so I think it would look funny to have shorter ones just a couple of feet from the long ones. Anyone else have this dilemma?

On other notes... I've been out of town again. Such a wonderful, sunny and relaxing trip I had.
I am car shopping and I'm pretty sure I'm going with this in white. Jeep
I love tan interiors and my friends keep telling me I've got to have satelite radio. I want one of those cute car monograms at So Pretty for the back window. Tiny in the corner for you girls that hate those. I need to catch up on everything going on with you all. Its amazing how 10 years ago I didn't have internet and now I can't live with out it.


Lori said...

Your chairs are gorgeous! Your house is so "Shabby"! Very pretty.
I agree about Ballards too!
Nice Jeep, you'll look fabulous in that! I thought of you earlier today when I saw an SUV that had a fancy monogram on the back window and it looked nice, was small and tastefully done and I thought to myself, "wow, that does look really nice!"
Go for the monogram!!

lizziefitz said...

I love your new chairs! They are perfect with your table. Things work out, yippee!I want a car monogram...sometimes hubby drives my car and he might have a stroke! He would rather have a # 24 sticker anyday.Go nascar...Go preppy?

Buford Betty said...

I love Ballard's too!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I like your chairs. I've been considering the new jeep myself... I love the new design.

Mom on the Run said...

Another vote for Ballard's. They have cool stuff.

My SUV driving days are over (gave the Landcruiser to the hubby) but I think that Commander is sooo nice. One of my friend's got one and she loves it.

I don't have a car monogram, but when we were ordering a plethora of sorority stuff for my daughters, I slipped a little Kappa Kappa Gamma oval in on the order and that's what I have in the corner of the back window. Gotta check out the monograms, they sound too cute.

(coming out of lurkdom)