Thursday, October 25, 2007

dream sofa

these are my dream sofas (and a chair) from shabby chic (images from the cottage chic store) i am not ready to buy a sofa yet. but i need one to focus on, you know so when i see the new jimmy choos i keep my cool and don't splurge. my budget doesn't fit the ten thousand dollar sectional and neither does my room. i really love the one on top, but its out of my price range too. i just can't seem to find anything comparable to this line. i go to pottery barn and sit on the sofas and i try to love them i really do. they are beautiful, but they aren't swallow me up yummy layers and pillows and shabby fluff like shabby chic's. tampa doesn't have even one little cozy furniture store, only big chains. i'm looking for a delicious sofa that i can love and live in.


Duchess said...

Ok so here is the plan: You come to Michigan and make my house look cute despite the two cats and beagle puppy and I will be eternally grateful. I will also pay you in magic beans and puppy kisses since I am a social worker and I don't really get paid in real money. Also? Please find a place for all of my wedding gifts.

Sounds good?

Sue said...

I so know what you mean about Shabby Chic furniture being the best. Rachel has spoiled us for any other line! I don't have any but would love some.