Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas books and toys

Two really good ones to share with your kids and make traditions with. Amazon.com

And this is great for kids too. There are so many things they can't touch at Christmas. This they can play with and act out the story. We still hide baby Jesus in a special tea cup in the china cabinet and don't get him out until Christmas day. Even my teenagers still want to put this one out to play with and we all have such happy memories of playing with it. Nativity play set from David C. Cook


Lori said...

Oh my boys love the "Three Trees' book, what a great story it is!
I can't read what you wrote, it's too pale, I'm sorry, it must just be my computer....but I'm sure it was something good! :)
The nativity is sweet.

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

What a neat idea about hiding baby Jesus until Christmas day. We have a nativity set but I have never thought of doing that. I may have to start that tradition this year! Thanks for the comment about the Christmas table!

Blue Orchid Designs said...

I love the Tale of Three Trees! So good and makes me cry.