Wednesday, November 07, 2007

quick note

for those of you who have been so sweet to email or ask about my daughter...
she didn't have to have any fluid drained off of her knee, she's still in a brace and can't bend the knee because she tore the muscle in her knee cap when she dislocated it, so there is the possibility of it dislocating again because there isn't much to hold it in place. she starts physical therapy next week. so she will not be going to aspen with us. but we are thankful she's not in pain unless she moves it. thank you so much for asking.

my oldest daughter's boyfriend just got out of the hospital so she won't be going.
its just my oldest and my littlest going now.

i really wanted all of my chickadees to go. i will miss them, but we four are hoping to have a wonderful time:)


Mrs. P said...

Best of luck with everything. I will pray for your daughter to have a speedy recovery. Enjoy your time off, we will miss you.

hello darling (formerly hello sunshine!) said...

Oh my goodness, how did I miss that about your daughter?? She and your fam are in my prayers for a speedy recovery!

Tickled Pink & Green said...

I'm way behind too with your blog. So sorry to hear about your daughter. I wish I was going to Aspen!