Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Eye

That's the movie we went to see. It was o.k. Not a big fan of Jessica Alba, don't know why. Just. Not. I would pass on this one if you're not a JA fan.

Having a lot of drama here. Thinking of a career change. When I get like this I waste lots of time and energy sort of frozen. I have a hard time focusing on the positive aspects and moving forward. Just what I need, more drama. Am I the only woman who experiences a lot of drama in my relationships with other women? When it's people you work with its difficult to stay away from. I've been treated reprehensibly by the woman I work for. So I must move on, but have no prospects for where to move on to. I love my clients but I'm starting to wander if this is the profession for me. Terrible to be this age and not feel sure about myself in this area. People can just be so unkind and the tongue really is a strong weapon.

I'll keep you posted and let you know how this turns out. Life really can change suddenly and make a turn you didn't see coming.

Have you ladies found the fabulous scrabble site Love it.

Planted spring things in the yard yesterday and uprooted and moved my rosemary. I always love it when its time to plant new flowers. I'm looking forward to spring.

My Middle will be 17 Monday. I can hardly believe it. It won't be long 'til she'll be leaving the nest too. Like most teenagers she's looking forward to that. I'm not. I always tell my friends that I would love to have a house like Ms. Ellie on Dallas the t.v. series...every one of the children could have their own wing like J.R. and Bobby and we could always have breakfast and dinner together. I think we'd skip the drinks and drama in the den before dinner though.


Lauren said...

Good luck looking for a new job! Women can be so catty. Most of the time I just try to ignore it and stay away as much as possible. At work it is hard to steer clear though. I will be thinking about you and hoping you find something you love.

Lori said...

Haha, that would be nice....for us Moms anyways to always have them around. :)
I hope you figure the career thing out~ it's never too late though!

Duchess said...

Make lists. Do a pro and con list of your current employment. A list of what interests you. A list of classes you can take. A list of what will change if you decide to leave your job before you have another one. A list of everything you are grateful for and a list of things you want to change in your life. It helps seeing your life on pretty paper all neat and organized.

The Wife said...

Skip the drama.... maybe not the drinks!

Mrs. Decker said...

No, you aren't the only one who has trouble with other women. I try to completely disconnect when it starts. Take a breather before deciding to quit. Sometimes a little distance helps you make a decision. Got any vacation time?