Monday, February 11, 2008

Mod Patterns

I've decided that I am going with these two fabrics to make two dresses from the vintage pattern I bought. I think I'll start with the short version. I think green TB sandals would be great with the black and white and gold with the pink and cream. I think I'd also like it in solid white with a pink or green trim. Anyone have suggestions for where to get a great med. weight white cotton and what I should line it with?


Lauren said...

Cute fabrics! I can't wait to see them when you finish!

Steph said...

Sometimes a specialty sewing shoppe will carry a better grade of fabric, you might check there for the white.
But, can I just say I LOVE that pattern! It will be so cute made up in those fabrics! Where did you find those?

Southern Sugar said...

they patterns are amy butler and sis boom. they both have websites. you'll love them if you don't already.