Thursday, April 17, 2008

Queen Rachel on dvd

Please call your favorite Shabby Chic store. Rachel has 3 new dvds. I can't wait to get mine. I remember when she was on the Style Network and I didn't have the Style Network. When I got it, they didn't have the show anymore. I was so bummed. Until I was at the Shabby Chic in Malibu a few years ago and I got to meet Rachel. She rolled in on a pink bike with a basket full of fabric samples. She showed them to me and asked my opinion. And she gave me a ton of the vhs tapes of the show that she had stored. I am not normally a star struck person. And I know she's not really a star. I've been on the plane with stars and seen them when out in L.A. but I've never asked for an autograph or wanted to. But I just loved Rachel Ashwell. So sweet and down to earth. I even bought her books that I already owned so she could autograph them. I felt like I had met the Queen of England. Well, not really, I have no interest in meeting the Queen. But I love me some Rachel Ashwell.


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oh I used to really like watching her too. I wonder why she isn't on one of the home/style cable networks. I also really like Nigella. Hmmm- maybe I have a thing for the Brits or something.

paige said...

oh how fun is that!
& i expect nothing less than her cruising up in a pink bike