Saturday, June 14, 2008

I can't believe it

No, it's not butter. But its buttery blond. Well, maybe more sandy-blond. I have made the decision to go darker with my platinum tresses. I haven't gone darker with my hair in 10 years. I'm finally over the numerous salon visits and my case of blond-arexia. Maybe it has something to do with the small patch of hair on the top of my head that broke off almost at the scalp. Scary! Only thing is my hairdresser won't return calls about the breakage, even though I've said to her assistant that I don't blame her. I just want to consult on how or if we can go darker so she and I will be prepared for this Thursday's appointment. She probably hates me, or rather hates my high maintenance hair and impossible standards. Wish me luck girls! Don't you love Tory Burch's color?


Lauren said...

I think that color will look great on you! Let us know how it goes Thursday.

Enjoy your week!

paige said...

you will look awesome
keep us posted

chesnye said...

So I can't wait to read what happened on Thursday!! I think that Tory Burch is just too pretty!