Thursday, October 30, 2008

MY Boy

Just a simple poem my son wrote, but I just love it and want to share. He's thinking of takin and extended missionary trip to Kenya but has other oppurtunities here that are also tugging at his heart. I'm so proud of him! I'm so thankful he's mine. I've always known he'd be a great man, but to see it come to fruition causes my heart to overflow.

A Prayer

But oh, I just don't know!
I want to stay; I want to go.
Would the world were a single point,
And all my loves together.
Don't make me leave; don't make me stay!
I am rooted down; I am chased away.
The warmth of Home eludes me.

O God, to whom all is Near,
Put me in my proper place.


Kristin said...

Keeping him in my prayers for God to be clear in decision and that his heart will know exactly which way to walk.

paige said...

what a blessing to know your children are walking with the lord!

The Mrs. said...

You must be so proud. What a doll!

Lauren said...

What a great poem! I hope he is able to make a decision.

I have a beautiful sister who is 20 and single. Just saying ... ;)