Sunday, November 08, 2009

These Boots are Made for Walkin'

Can you tell the difference? I have been loving these boots by Frye. And I found the other pair at Target! We live in flip flops even when we throw on a coat here in Florida.I can't even remember which picture came from which store??


QueenBeeSwain said...

love love love those boots- you NEED 'em :)


paige said...

love em
bought 'em twice
my girls talked me out of them
said i had too many
took 'em
then decided i needed them
& i love them
go target!


laylablue said...

help me! i am sorry to say that i have been bitten by the frye boot bug! i need a bit of advice--
(assuming i can get the darn things!)

frye offers these in a 12R and a 15R, which i believe refers to the height of the shaft--sort of how high they will reach on your leg...

i'm short--5ft.2in. which height would you suggest?
any input will be appreciated!

Lissa said...

my friend was wearing the target ones and I was wearing the frye ones. ( I didn't know about the target ones) and I really couldn't tell the difference when you put them together with an outfit. I LOVE flip flops and uggs too! we have the same taste in shoes!

Susan said...

I have the same Frye Harness boot in the Low/Short version (purchased from Garnet Hill a couple years ago - Once they are broken in, they are the most comfortable shoe ever. I wear them all the time... Even last week vacationing in Fl :). Go for it... they are classic and will last forever.