Monday, September 20, 2010

Make a Mocha...

I don't know what your favorite Starbuck's drink is. But I love a Mocha. Tall, no whip, extra pump of mocha. Hot when its cold and icy when its hot. Thought I'd share, seems like a lot of work, but I think once you do it a couple of time and have all of the supplies it would be easy. Here's a recipe...

Get an Espresso machine, now you can go all out and get a fancy machine that grinds the coffee for you and all that stuff or you can get the Mr. Coffee Espresso machine for around $30 bucks (depending on how much of a coffee connoisseur you are).

Get your hands on some Starbucks Mocha Powder. This is not always an easy trick but they do sell it during the Christmas holiday season (I usually buy out the store when it does become available). Or if you go to E-Bay you can find the actual bags of Starbucks Mocha Powder.

Get your Espresso coffee - this has many options; you can buy it already ground from the store (but many times this is not ground enough for good espresso), you can buy whole beans and either grind it at the store (most grocery stores have a grinder in the coffee department) or grind it at home (you can get grinders pretty cheap just make sure it grinds espresso fine). Another option is buying it from Starbucks and they will grind it for you.

Brew the coffee per your espresso machines directions.

Now here is a nice shortcut, instead of mixing the mocha powder with hot water first I just put my mocha directly into the cup (a "Grande" takes about 2 tablespoons but this will really depend on how much mocha taste you want). Then you can just pour the coffee directly into the cup and mix up the mocha powder.

Add your favorite type of Milk.

Add your favorite flavoring (optional). Note - you can buy any of the flavorings from Starbucks (even though it does not list them anywhere they are glad to do it)or most grocery stores.

Stir well and you are ready to go.

(Marshmallows optional)

This will never replace the professional made coffee but for the price it cannot be beat.


Jo said...

Oh yum ~ mochas are my favorite. I may need to do a littl shopping so I can make these yummies at home.


LivKit said...

Oh those look yummy.
Newest follower!
Cute blog.

Couture Carrie said...

So yummy!