Sunday, September 23, 2007

de-Fuzed? con-Fuzed?

This was my new beverage of choice. I read about it on another blog where they said it had no fake sugars and lots of vitamins. I have, as some of you know, an addiction to Dr. Pepper. I have about three a day. I have really wanted to cut back as part of getting in shape and to lose a couple of pounds. I was so excited that I really like this drink. I am hard to please when it comes to drinks. I don't like water with a meal, I have bad reactions to nutrisweet, and I've tried Stevia and it has a wierd taste to me. I absolutely hate the taste of Sweet and Low and all other fake sugars. I'd rather have a little real sugar than alot of fake sugars. I have a friend that actually got really sick and when they finally found out the cause it turned out to be all the formaldehyde in her body from all the diet Coke she was drinking. I just don't think they are good for you. I don't like fake. So as I was drinking my yummy Fuze today, I started reading the label. Only 12 or so calories in the entire bottle, good. Lots of vitamins, good. Sucralose? Sucralose? I looked it up and guess what! It's what's in Splenda. I am very sorry to find this out. I thought I had found my magic drink. Too good to be true. Its going to be much harder to kick the Dr. Pepper habit now.


hello sunshine! said...

I'm trying to drastically cut down on my sugar intake too, and it SUCKS. I do like Splenda though, so that helps, but I have to cut back on that too! I totally understand the Dr Pepper addiction - I went to Baylor, where the ONLY soda allowed on campus were those made by Dr Pepper (literally no Coke products on campus), and I worked at the Dr Pepper Museum during college! It's pretty much the best drink EVER.

paige said...

you are too funny!
i can't have any caffeine- i went cold turkey a year ago. i drink none-ever , not a sip. i was a huge coke drinker & went to diet drinks about 5 years ago after swearing i never would because of the aspertaine. then i had to switch to caffeine free. i love fountain drinks & almost no one-except for QT & a few Chickfila's serve it. whew...what a bummer.
i should really drink MUCH more water than i do.
hmm, maybe your post inspired me to get back on the water track. i may try your new drink if its caffiene free!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

We have been on a Crystal Light kick lately. I'm not sure what is in it~ but I haven't noticed my hair glowing in the dark.
I can't remember the last time I had a real Dr Pepper. That will be a hard habit to kick.

Southern Fried Girl said...

Dropping soft drinks is so hard. I drink Coke Zero which I am sure has something in it that will make my future off spring have 15 heads. Sigh.

Kimber said...

I use agave nector to sweeten my coffee and other things. It is all natural, healthy and taste great. You can get it at whole foods! Try it!


Southern Sugar said...

kimber...i'll be checking this one out. we don't have a whole foods here but i should be able to find it elsewhere.