Monday, September 10, 2007

My sweet new friend over at Pink and Green tagged me. So here goes.

4 Things that make me happy:
1.Hearing my children's voices at the other end of the phone when they are away.
3. Decorating
4. A nice clean, organized house, where everyone is at peace.

4 Movies I Could See Over And Over:
1. Hope Floats and For Love of the Game
2. The Way We Were
3. Waterloo Bridge
4. One True Thing I know, that's five

4 Favorite Drinks:
1. I am a freak for a large Chic Fil A Dr. Pepper. It's all about the styrafoam cup and the straw. I can feel the acidic feeling in my throat and start to salivate just thinking about it. Its better than any drink at Starbucks and my favorite morning beverage. I actually found a friend who has the same obsession, even before we met. But I have to admit that Pink and Green is right, Sonic has the best ice ever.
2. Water
3. Wright's Gourmet's sweet tea
4. Buttermilk

4 Places I Have Lived:
1. Atlanta area
2. Indian Rocks Beach, FL
3. Tampa area
4. Nowhere else. I lived most of my life in my small hometown just outside of Atlanta.

4 TV Shows I Watch:
1. Medium
2. Brothers and Sisters
3. CSI Miami
4. As the World Turns. I dvr this everyday. I am ashamed a little to admit it. But I grew up with CBS soap operas, its hard to stop.

4 Favorite Colors:
1. white
2. pink
3. green
4. baby blue

4 Places I've Been On Vacation:
1. Most of Hawaii
2. Los Angeles
3. Las Vegas
4. Everywhere in Florida, never left the good ol' USA, even with a husband working for an airline. he did all that traveling abroad before he knew me and isn't interested. But we may be going to Ireland and Scottland next year.

4 Things On My Floor Right Now:
1. Laundry
2. Laundry Basket
3. Too many carpet stains
4. My purse, which sometimes bothers me because I once had a lady tell me that if you put your purse on the floor you'll be poor. which i know is ridiculous and i don't believe in any of that stuff, but i am going to pick up my purse now.

4 Blogs I Read Regularly:
Check my blog roll

4 Of My Favorite Foods:
1. Barbecue chicken pizza with extra banana peppers
2. Smoked turkey sandwich with extra onion jam
3. Chicken Bryan at Carrabbas
4. Filet Mignon at Flemming's Steakhouse

4 Places I'd Rather Be Right Now:
1. My Grandmother's Kitchen having breakfast with her.
2. Hana Beach, Maui, Hawaii
3. My kitchen with my children when they were little, just for one day. Don't you ever wish you could just go back and spend one day in the past?

4 People I Tag:A Journey to Our Daughter, Perfectly Pink, Kimba, Creative Little Daisy


Tickled Pink & Green said...

#1. I agree about Hope Floats too even though I didn't put it on my blog! LOVE that movie. Love the music. LOVE Harry Connick Jr.(Justin Mateese "Birdy, Birdy, Birdy")Loved For The Love Of The Game too, and The Way We Were and One True Thing. Never heard of or seen Waterloo Bridge!

2. Everyone I know who loves Dr. Pepper is addicted to it! My brother included!

3. I've watched As The World Turns off and on for the past - oh heck, I don't know how long! Same with Y&R and B&B! I love to see a mother than can rival my own in trying to control her family like Stephanie Forrester!

Cindy said...

I too grew up on As The World Turns and still follow it as did my grandmother, and my mother. I am addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper!

Southern Sugar said...

Waterloo Bridge is an old film with Vivien Leigh from Gone with the wind, which also one of my favorites. My mom was watching it on t.v. when she went into labor with me. Its really hard to find. I found it once for sale but it was like 70+dollars which I thought was a little much. But its a great movie.

Southern Sugar said...

Oh my goodness! I just found it on Amazon for under 10. I am ordering now! said...

Great list! I love Atlanta. Lived there in the early 90's. Was with the airlines during that time. Fun city.

Lori said...

I enjoyed reading your list!
Yes, I do wish I could go back in time for just a day...
I must have left my purse on the floor too much! lol
Thanks for the tag, will do! :D

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Let's just say I watched As The World Turns back when Meg Ryan and Julianne Moore were on.

Enough said. : )

Anonymous said...

Chic a la (as my sweet nieces call it) has the BEST Large Dr. Pepper. You are correct, it beats any Starbucks drink!!! Love your list!

Lori said...

Oh girlfriend, what is up with drinking buttermilk?!!
Enjoyed reading! Thanks for passing on, will do. :D