Sunday, September 21, 2008

Diamond Blogger Award

Thank you to Pearls and Grace, my absolutely precious friend. You made my day. It was so kind of you. Please stop by for a visit with her, you will be warmed and welcomed. She'll bring a smile to your heart and you will fall in love with her beautiful family, her love for motherhood is infectious.

I would like to pass this award on to 5 blogger friends.

Twinkle Life-Kristen always has a kind and encouraging word to say that makes you feel as though she's touched you with a magic blessing wand. Visiting her blog is what is would be like if you could read the sprinkles on a beautiful cupcake.

GRITS-Its always a fun time to visit Nicole! I love her humor, her southern charm and I am hooked on her romance saga with Country. She makes me remember what new love is like and reminds me of one true love of mine, the South.

Simple Thoughts-What can I say about my friend Paige? I've just grown to love her. She's warm and friendly, she has a way of making you feel you've been for a visit just by reading her blog. She makes me want to come into her kitchen and have a glass of sweet tea and just sit and talk and soak up her warmth and creativity. She is so talented!

A Journey to Our Daughter-Lori and her beautiful family are on a journey to their daughter, and her way of sharing that journey with us is beautiful. Visiting her blog is like opening the pages to a beautiful real life magazine bursting with love and beauty. She's a precious soul and have enjoyed peeking in on the pages of her life and getting to know her.

Adventures of a Southern Newlywed-There must be many of you who visit Lauren's blog. She always has a warm hearted comment and a positive outlook. I am always thrilled to see that she has a comment for me and she was my first "Follower." Visiting with her is informative, funny and I love her updates on the newest of everything from beauty products to vodka. Its always a joy to stop by her blog.

Thank you to all who share a window into your lives and hearts. I really have come to love my "blog friends." And I love to throw a party and invite you all and meet you in person.


paige said...

oh thank you sweet nicole!!
YOU are a bright ray of sunshine & i am blessed by you

Kristin said...

Thank you Nicole for your kind words. Same sentiments right back at you. Hope your weekend was wonderful....and sprinkle covered!

Lori said...

Nicole, thank you so much for such sweet and thoughtful words, this made my night! :)
Your blog is such a delight and I always enjoy peeking into your life with your gorgeous family, elegant taste and your simple appreciation for all things lovely!!

Lauren said...

You are so sweet! You made my day! :)

Sandy said...

Hi Nicole,
Finally had a chance to come by and catch up with what's been going on! Congrats on your award - totally deserved!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

The Mrs. said...

Some of those are my favorites too! Congrats!!!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Congrats on the award!

paige said...

ps--its friday...let me know when you find out!