Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanksgiving Thoughts

My plans for Thanksgiving dinner are to do little cornish hens for everyone and yummy appetizers that I saw yesterday on Barefoot Contessa. I'm excited about it. I hope everyone loves it. I get so bored with Thanksgiving turkey. If turkey was all that great wouldn't we serve it more often? Maybe you love traditional meals for Thanksgiving. But we always do a movie that night and I like a theme. Like Mexican and a movie. One thing I will for sure be having is cranberry sauce and relish. Love those! I think we'll go see the new Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn holiday movie. I'm looking forward to it even though I won't have all my duckies with me this year. I also loved the candy and fruit arrangement they did on the show so I may try that. What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving?


N.M.B. said...

I'm eating with my family and I'll drive down to Country's house that night and spend the weekend with his family. His dad called me today and said he hoped that "his sweet Gator" would come down and spend the weekend with them. So sweet!

Well I Do Declare said...

I'm going to my Grandma's where we will have the traditional Thanksgiving meal. I think your idea sounds great!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I want to see that movie too! Our Thanksgiving is going to be nuts!

Anonymous said...

We to Thanksgiving with my husbands GIGANTIC family. It's super traditional...I think your house sounds fun tho! A lot less chaotic!

I'm going to a Barefoot Contessa Book signing in Syosset NY. I can't wait. We have the same hairdresser..I wonder why my hair doesn't look as great as hers does...I love her! Great post!

Lauren said...

My mom is going to do the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. I think cornish hens would be so much fun though!

I can't wait to see Four Christmases. It looks so cute!

I hope you have a nice week!

Steph said...

Oh I love cornish hens! They are so much tastier than turkey!
Though, have you ever had wild turkey? When we lived in the country we would be invited to neighbors and they would serve turkey that they hunted and it was very good! Much better than the mass produced you get from the grocer!
We are going to my sister's where all my family will gather... it's just 12 of us so it shouldn't be too bad!
Have a good one!

Nantucket Karen said...

I just met Ina Garten at her book signing last week at Pentagon Row in Virginia; I ADORE HER and she's absolutely lovely in person. Her new cookbook is fantastic. LOVE THE CORNISH HENS IDEA!!
Please visit my blog as I mentioned you today.
Take Care,
Nantucket Karen

paige said...

yummy cornish hens!!

that movie looks hilarious...i love everything she does!

praying you have a blessed thanksgiving
big hugs my friend

Sandy said...

Hi Nicole,
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We're having my younger sister and family over and then hopefully hitting the movies - not sure what we're seeing but I'm sure it will be my boys pick and not mine!

Kristin said...

Hi n-

Happy Thanksgiving my friend.
Hope to talk soon.
Be blessed, be happy, be safe.

ps. Cornish hens...yum. We did that one year and it was wonderful. Hope it is yummy for ya.

paige said...

hey girlie...where are you?
hope all is well, have missed ya'!

Anonymous said...

Did you cut your hair??

3 Peanuts said...

Hope you are doing well. Happy Holidays!